New Adventures in the 2nd Round of Life

When my life headed in a new direction, I found myself looking for a man that was so very different from anything that had ever been in my life. Now I have found myself living a life of finding new adventures. I had never been camping before in my Life! Now I have a whole new road ahead.

So, If you have a new Man in your life, and have found yourself packing the camper and cooking outside, let’s take this adventure together.

At 48 years old, to start these new adventures is definitely exciting! When meeting my new man we came together with 2 lives full of experiences. Mine was taking family vacations to the beach, staying in hotels or Condos, event planning, shopping on Michigan Avenue!  His life involved leading Boy Scouts to earn Polar Bear patches, Eagle Scout leader and Camping with his kids at every chance he got.  Now, I find myself decorating a Pop-Up Camper and planning Camp Fire Meals, sitting under the stars, playing cards at a picnic table and my coffee comes from the Percolator over the outdoor fire. Its Fantastic!

I have definitely learned a lot about how to work together and listen to each other. In this blog we will explore the life of learning to camp and experience the outdoors and the activities I take part in as part of my 2nd Round of Life Adventure!